Solitude Creek Reviews

“Numerous surprises are in store for Kathryn Dance (and the reader) in bestseller Deaver’s stellar fourth novel featuring the California Bureau of Investigation kinesics expert. …Deaver’s meaty thrillers are as good as they come.”
– Publishers Weekly * starred review

“Deaver once again satisfies with this exciting entry. His fans won’t be disappointed, and readers looking for a new thriller series will enjoy making Kathryn’s acquaintance.”
– Library Journal

“While Dance may not be able to compete with a flamboyant show-off like March, she’s excellent as the calm but constantly moving right hand that Deaver uses to distract us from what his busy left hand is doing. …[Dance] needs all her wits about her right now if she hopes to foil one of Deaver’s most diabolical villains.”
New York Times

Solitude Creek displays a key element in Deaver’s work: ironclad plotting.”
– The Independent (UK)

“What do we truly fear, and how would we react in a crisis? Would we fall apart and claw our way to safety? Or would we help someone else? Deaver forces the reader to tackle these questions, then adds his own brand of twists to play with expectations, delivering another outstanding and unpredictable thriller.”
– Associated Press

“The question at the heart of the novel is ‘Why?’ Who or what would hire someone to deliberately induce panic — in the hope that the resulting melee would end in the loss of innocent life? The answer is startling, and moves SOLITUDE CREEK beyond the usual exemplary entertainment that Deaver regularly provides to give his readership a chilling cautionary tale. … Deaver once again meets and exceeds his own high water mark for surprises with SOLITUDE CREEK. Antioch March is a chilling and unforgettable antagonist.”

“Deaver is still going strong and his latest novel, Solitude Creek, exhibits his usual panache for fast action and diabolical twists.”
– Sydney Morning Herald

“The cat and mouse elements of this story are Deaver at his best. He seizes control of the readers’ attention and manipulates it to induce fear and trepidation as the story continues.”
– Huffington Post