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Solitude Creek (2015)

Solitude Creek is the fourth in the Kathryn Dance series, following XO. In her latest thriller, Dance, an agent with the California Bureau of Investigation, finds herself suspended from duty when an interrogation goes bad in a horrific way. She’s busted down to the Civil Division of CBI and given the boring assignment of checking permits after a stampede in a local roadhouse results in several deaths and a number of injuries. Dance soon learns, however, that the panic was intentional—a classic case of someone yelling fire in a crowded venue—and unofficially begins to investigate.

Thus begins a deadly chess match between Dance, working with Michael O’Neil, and the eerie perpetrator, Antioch March, who is planning more such panics in the Central California area. He’s obsessed with the idea of people turning into pure animals to escape from threats he creates. No one attending a play, sitting in a movie theater, dining in a restaurant or stepping into an elevator is safe. . . .

Dance’s personal life—her connection to both O’Neil and boyfriend Jon Boling—adds to the pressure, as do issues with her children, Wes and Maggie. And the consequences of her botched interrogation, resulting in her suspension, return to haunt her and may permanently  end her career . . . if not more.

Solitude Creek is available now in print, eBook and audiobook.


“Deaver’s meaty thrillers are as good as they come.”

—Publishers Weekly Starred Review

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