The Steel Kiss Reviews

Named as one of the best thrillers of the year by Suspense Magazine.

“Few working writers are more skilled in misdirection than Jeffery Deaver, who has delivered one surprising thriller after another, particularly in his Lincoln Rhyme series. The twelfth book, The Steel Kiss, is his master class in the technique: a fast-moving story that fools the eye until it reaches a show-stopping finale, making the experience of reading it something very like watching a particularly amazing magic trick.”
– B&N Reads

“Convincing characters and an unexpected closing twist will remind readers why Deaver is one of today’s top thriller writers.”
Publishers Weekly

“Fans will marvel at the creative manner in which Deaver incorporates current technological and societal trends into the plots of his thrillers—in this case, remote devices signaling smart controllers.”
– Library Journal

“a gripping thriller that’s perfectly in tune with the anxieties of our time.”
– iBooks

“Fiendishly inventive…all the usual thrills, which are worth every breathless minute.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“The plot twists are clever and unexpected, the dialogue is colloquial and natural, and the characters…are vividly realized. Highly recommendable.”
– Booklist

“Deaver delivers another heart-stopping thriller in his Lincoln Rhyme series…The action, suspense and horrific crimes continue unabated.”
– Romantic Times Book Reviews

“Jeffery Deaver’s unsettling procedural mystery featuring Lincoln Rhyme. That brilliant quadriplegic consulting detective is no longer working criminal cases for the New York Police Department, which has distanced him from his colleague and lover, the homicide detective Amelia Sachs. In her absence, Rhyme has acquired a brainy assistant, Juliette Archer, also a quadriplegic and possibly a soul mate. At the same time, Nick Carelli, an ex-cop who was Sachs’s previous lover, is out of prison and making an impassioned case for his innocence.

These are the kinds of intrusions that would normally distract from the forensic detail for which Deaver’s darkly witty series is noted. But here they serve to heighten the tensions of the plot and complicate the efforts of Rhyme and his troops to stop “the People’s Guardian,” a domestic terrorist who has been sabotaging (to stomach-churning effect) the mechanics of supposedly trusty equipment and appliances, from escalators and alarm systems to pacemakers and baby monitors.”
– New York Times

“grips comprehensively, with every individual detail”
– The Independent (UK)

“Deaver is a genius when it comes to manipulation and deception. Stellar plot twists are in full abundance in “The Steel Kiss,” and the story line veers in several unpredictable directions.”
– Associated Press

“Deaver delivers the goods again with “The Steel Kiss.”  …This is one of Deaver’s most complex novels.”
– Huffington Post

“This latest instalment in the Lincoln Rhyme story exhibits all the qualities former lawyer Jeffery Deaver brings to his books – formidable technological and forensic research, acute insight into the criminal mind, an insightful awareness of serious moral issues that affect modern life, and an awesome ability to weave all these different strands into breathlessly entertaining fiction.”
– Independent (IE)

“THE STEEL KISS is a terrific novel, maybe the best of the lot in Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme series. …If THE STEEL KISS isn’t shortlisted for a bunch of awards and a whole lot of “Best Of” recognitions, it will only be because enough people failed to read it. Don’t be that person.”
– BookReporter

“Some authors begin to lose their edge when a character has been around for so long. This is the 12th in the series and The Bone Collector came out way back in 1997. Not Deaver, though. He has once again created a novel that engages from the first page and holds on tight to that final full stop, with many a cul de sac and wrong turn along the way to keep you on your toes.”