The Cold Moon Reviews

Named Book Of The Year in Japan

“Bestseller Deaver’s twisty seventh Lincoln Rhyme novel pits Rhyme, the quadriplegic NYPD detective, against a brilliant criminal mastermind called the Watchmaker. …Deaver fans won’t be surprised that the investigations overlap, or that the several apparent climaxes are building to something more, but even they will be hard-pressed to peel back all the layers of the cunning plot at work beneath the surface.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Rhyme, who has starred in a handful of very good novels, is one of the mystery genre’s most interesting and out-of-the-ordinary series leads, a brilliant investigator who rarely leaves his specially equipped home. …Fans of the series will welcome the chance to see Sachs spread her wings, and spending time with the likably crusty Rhyme is always a delight. As always, Deaver’s dialogue is exceptionally realistic, and his plotting is devilishly intricate. Recommended for fans of the Rhyme novels (naturally) and readers who like their thrillers laced with wit and sharp characterizations.”
— Booklist

“As always, Deaver educates as well as entertains, and within the novel’s pages he drops small but fascinating nuggets regarding time and clocks. If you don’t know why we say “speed up” or “slow down,” you will after reading THE COLD MOON. You will also have the pleasure of reading what is not only Deaver’s best work to date but also one of the best books of the year thus far.”
Joe Hartlaub,