The Burial Hour Reviews

“Misdirection and plot twists abound, and the novel’s theme (the European immigrant problem) feels, given recent events in American politics, timely and relevant. Another strong entry from the always-reliable Deaver.”

“Jeffery Deaver’s forte is the diabolical puzzle mystery, and THE BURIAL HOUR is so devilishly tricky you can practically smell the sulfur fumes… In a bold plot twist, Deaver folds Rhyme’s inquiries into a broader investigation of a humanitarian challenge shared by the whole world. Takes guts, that does.”
―Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

“Deaver is a master of plot twists, and they are abundant in this story that keeps the reader guessing about who can be trusted and what’s behind the motivations of the abductor. Putting Rhyme and Sachs in unknown territory showcases a different side of their characters. Making them jump through hoops to keep international peace gives the story an extra edge. …essential for fans of the franchise.”
Jeff Ayers, Associated Press

“Deaver, who is a master of surprises, once again delivers an overflowing basketful of them—enough for two novels, with more to spare—while hinting at a possible new direction for Rhyme and Amelia Sachs, his partner on and off the crime scene.”
― Joe Hartlaub,

“THE BURIAL HOUR proves once again Jeffery Deaver is a brilliantly intricate novelist …In THE BURIAL HOUR Deaver combines drama, romance and comedy. It is mostly drama but the slight addition of romance and comedy makes for even more reading enjoyment. There is a very short list of authors who can weave all three of these elements into a suspense tale and Deaver is at the top of that list.”
― Jackie K. Cooper, Huffington Post

“The Burial Hour hurtles along at breakneck speed with complex and engaging characters, plots and subplots and lots of wry humour.”

“There could be no better narrator for this audiobook than Edoardo Ballerini.”
―AudioFile, audiobook review