The Blue Nowhere Reviews

This novel is, in hacker lingo, “totally moby,” the most exciting, and most vivid, fiction yet about the neverland hackers call “the blue nowhere.”
Publishers Weekly

“Bestselling author Jeffery Deaver ratchets up the suspense one line of code at a time; his terrific pacing drives the narrative to a thrilling and explosive conclusion.”

“In the clever cyber-plotting of this whodunit set in Silicon Valley, the perp is known early on. The challenge lies in capturing somebody who seems to exist solely in the world of virtual reality.”

“Deaver packs The Blue Nowhere with enough twists and surprises that even the most alert reader will be gulled by the numerous red herrings and narrative decoys….He has the language of technology down cold, but thankfully, never goes over the reader’s head. Think of a technical manual with intrigue, fights, chases, and double-crosses. And there’s no need to reboot.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“A terrific thriller”
USA Today