Roadside Crosses Reviews

“I gave Jeffery Deaver’s latest a read and found it to be a fast-paced, gripping tale, with lots of twists and turns.”
— Pennie’s Picks, Costco Connection magazine

“Of all the beasts on the prowl, none is more unnerving than a disaffected teenage boy with a grudge and a gun. Leaving to others the in-depth psychological analysis of such youthful spree killers, Jeffery Deaver turns his attention in ROADSIDE CROSSES to the social triggers that set them off. …the techno-savvy Deaver is too much the master gamesman to scold anyone else for a little excessive play, and in some brilliant plot maneuvers he counters every warning about warrior bloggers and glassy-eyed gamers with well-reasoned arguments in their defense — and real doubts about their proclivity to commit murder. Like his best players, he has one of those puzzle-loving minds you just can’t trust.”
— Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

“ROADSIDE CROSSES is a gripping story peopled with memorable characters. No surprise. Jeffery Deaver is grand master of the ticking-clock thriller.”
— author Kathy Reichs

“Deaver’s expert and devious plotting makes it a challenge to stay only a couple of steps behind him”
Publishers Weekly

“Tightly constructed with a suspenseful story and plenty of plot twists, Deaver, perhaps more than any other crime writer, is able to fool even the most experienced readers with his right-angle turns . . . an excellent entry in what promises to be a series as popular as the author’s Lincoln Rhyme novels.”
— Booklist

“Deaver is one of the best thriller writers at incorporating the latest technology into his plots, and he’s got the world of social networking and blogs down cold, from the flame wars to the lingo to the dysfunctional personality types. That dose of realism adds a fresh, contemporary edge to the story. Deaver puts the emphasis in his books on intricate plot twists rather than breakneck pacing, which makes Roadside Crosses the perfect book for a quiet summer afternoon where a little relaxation—accompanied, naturally, by a jolt of suspense—is the order of the day.”
— David Montgomery,

One Of The Notable Crime Books of 2009
— Marilyn Stasio, New York Times