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Death of a Blue Movie Star (1990)

Twenty-one-year-old Rune is an aspiring filmmaker, but so far her only break has been scoring a job as an underpaid production assistant in Manhattan. Still, she’s always on the lookout for the perfect topic for her own film — and she thinks she’s found it when she witnesses the bombing of a triple-X movie theater in Times Square.

Rune’s got a great hook for her documentary: She plans to film it through the eyes of Shelly Lowe, the porn star whose movie was playing at the theater when it exploded. But just hours after Rune films a poignant Shelly reflecting on her dreams of becoming a serious actress, a second bomb silences the beautiful film star forever. Was Shelly in the wrong place at the wrong time — or was she the bomber’s target all along? Rune vows to find out the truth behind the death of this blue movie star. But as she struggles to finish shooting her film, Rune’s labor of love may be her final masterpiece — as a shooting of a more lethal kind threatens to write an ending to this story that no one wants to see….


“Deaver writes compellingly about New York’s sordid side”

—Publishers Weekly

“Highly original and very entertaining.”

—Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

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